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Getting married at a dream castle in France

First of all, congratulation with your engagement! You are about to have the most beautiful day of your life. But how do you make it even more unforgettable, also for your guests, the people you love? Then you are at the right place, because you are bout to get married at one of the most beautiful places in France!

Pourquoi pas (why not)? First of all, everyone loves France. Also the ones who deny that. They just don't know it yet. Who can't enjoy the nature, peace, outside living and socializing with friends and family. For example the lunch break. French people take about two hours to have a good chat with good food. In Holland, where we are from, we just gobble up our sandwiches behind our desk. Then we didn't even mention the fantastic wines and lovely climate in France.

m_200905_Florence en Bas_635.jpg
  • Smale-scale. Sometimes it seems like a competition who will have the most wedding guests. Why would you like to invite your entire Facebook friends list? At Chateau Camp del Saltre, there is enough space for an intimate wedding with your family and best friends.

  • Everyone is present for the whole day, or actually all four days. It seems to be typically Dutch that some people do not participate in certain parts of the day. How strange is it to say to your guests that they are welcome at the ceremony, not allowed to eat, but later expected again at the party?

  • Stay at the chateau. No discussions about who can't drink any alcohol, because they have to drive home. All guests can stay at the chateau!

  • Multiple days. Usually the wedding days is only one day, but your guests will arrive one or two days earlier and stay until the day after the wedding. While you are at the pool with all your friends and family, everyone can get to know each other before the big day takes place.

  • Outside! Although it can also rain in France, the chance of good weather in the south is still a lot bigger than in England. From ceremony to party, everything takes place outdoors, which will make your wedding a fairytale.

  • Not expensive. Contrary to what you would expect, a wedding in France is not more expensive than an average local wedding.

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