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What does a wedding look like?

We have written a scenario of what a wedding can look like with us. Of course everything can be adjusted to the wishes of you, the bridal couple! The scenario below is part of a (standard) wedding of three nights.

Arrival day

All guests drip in on the day of arrival. One couple comes by plane, the other by car. The bride-to-be (and family) can arrive a day earlier so that they can welcome everyone. As soon as the guests drive up the driveway, their mouths drop and experience shows that it remains open for about half an hour. "How beautiful it is here!" Naturally, the bubbles are ready for receipt!

After a welcome drink, the guests are escorted to their apartment and immediately switches to 'relax mode'. The rest of the afternoon is spent on the very nice sunbeds in the large garden by the pool. A dive or group bomb in the pool should not be missed!

In the afternoon from five o'clock there is a French drink with a cheese platter, chips and French sausages, with the first toast being made. Then you can enjoy a delicious barbecue with all guests! Do not be surprised if you have heard several times during day one that it is already a successful weekend.

m_200904_Florence en Bas_125.jpg
Day of arrival

Relaxation day

The birds chirp while the baker provides real fresh French croissants and baguettes. Enjoy breakfast outside with the rising sun, or do you want to sleep in? Today nothing is required, but everything is possible. A tour through the area, a visit to a typical French market with all kinds of fresh local products, to the caves or a boat or canoe trip on the river? There is also plenty to do at the chateau, such as table tennis, playing jeux de boules or with the children on the bouncy castle. In any case, we end the afternoon with a wine tasting at the adjacent wine farm!

Secretly, dinner on day two is almost as delicious as dinner on wedding day. The tastiest pizzas are made completely fresh and prepared in the wood oven. Large-slice pizzas are distributed over the tables and the sun slowly sets. The atmosphere is good.

m_200904_Florence en Bas_031.jpg
Day 2

Le Jour J

It is 9:30 am, so get up early! But don't worry, you can keep your pajamas on if you all have breakfast in the morning sun. The baker provides the most delicious croissants, pain au chocolat and pain aux raissins. There is enough and enough choice for everyone. The photographer is also already present.

After breakfast, nerves start to strike the bridal couple (and parents). Time for the hairdresser and make-up. The guests change their clothes quietly while the ceremony setting is prepared. When it really starts at 1:30 PM, the wedding official calls all guests to take a seat among the beautiful trees along the white carpet. First the bridegroom makes his entrance, a little later the bride and her father follow. A breathtaking moment where some tears will flow! A beautiful ceremony with lots of interaction and of course the yes-word follows, after which the bridal couple walks away together under applause and confetti cannons. In the courtyard at the chateau, it's time to cut the cake and uncork the champagne!

m_210911_Michelle en Anco_klein_368.jpg
3 - Receptie_005.jpg

It is now around 4:00 PM when the bridal couple leaves the chateau to take pictures in the area. Everything is possible in the most beautiful places in France. Don't you dream of a photo between the vineyards, in the rolling countryside? Meanwhile, the guests enjoy themselves at the chateau with a glass of wine here and a game of table tennis there.

When you return, the tables are already set and everyone can sit at the table for an aperitif. There is plenty of opportunity for gifts or a song or piece (if you want that of course!). The best caterer in the region provides a delicious French three-course dinner with only fresh ingredients. You and your guests enjoy what you have composed together with the chef, of course with matching wines. In the meantime, the band sets up everything for an unforgettable party.

After dinner and a mega dessert, your feet will lift off the floor. Don't be surprised if you see even guests you never expected it to go wild. The DJ really gets everyone to dance. During the party evening, you and your guests realize again and again how special this weekend is. You are partying outside with the illuminated chateau in the background. It couldn't be more beautiful!

5 - Diner & Feest_013.jpg
The wedding day
Day 4


Everyone is broke, but it's time f breakfast, still enjoying the wedding. Coffee and croissants and of course some baguettes for on the road. Everyone has a lump in their throat because nobody wants to go home.

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